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Tema Oil Refinery

EPCM Project

The 678 kilometer West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) links into the existing Escravos-Lagos pipeline at the Nigeria Gas Company‚Äôs Itoki Natural Gas Export Terminal in Nigeria and proceeds to a beachhead in Lagos and then moves offshore to Takoradi, in Ghana, with gas delivery laterals from the main line extending to Cotonou (Benin), Lome (Togo) and Tema (Ghana). 

McDonnell was the main Local Content Partner on the WAGP project and completed various EPC contracts including the construction of three (3) Regulating and Metering (R & M) stations in Takoradi (Ghana), Tema (Ghana) and Lome (Togo) as well as three (3) subsea pipeline tie-in systems for installation in the sea.

Shell Oil 

EPCM Project

Shell is a multinational energy company with a strong presence in Ghana.  Their retail offering includes fuels, lubricants, card services, shops and other non-fuel services (e.g. oil change and car wash). These services are delivered through a number of pumping stations particularly urban areas where demand for fuels and lubricants are consistently high.

McDonnell was contracted for the development of infrastructure leading to the construction and commissioning of Shell filling stations in prime locations in order to meet growing demand for petroleum products.

Heavy Haulage

EPCM Cargo

Our specialised load division has been privilege to be involved in a host of heavy haulage for Project Cargo particularly for Power and Oil & Gas projects.  This typically involves the transport and installation of large equipment for various projects. The fleet of special vehicles and construction equipment with high-tech systems provide an integrated service for these projects,

McDonnell's expertise has beeen utlilised for the handling of everything from the transportation of heavyweight equipment and components to on-site assembly, erection, and construction. We handle entire projects, from the transportation of diverse goods and equipment through to installation and construction. We provide special trailers for transporting very large transformers, crawler cranes capable of lifting as much as 1,250 tons, and transporters that carry up to 7,000 tons.

West African Gas Pipeline Project

EPCM Project

Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) is the premier and only refinery in Ghana. The refinery is a 45,000 barrel per stream day (bpsd) capacity Crude Distillation Unit and supplies this quantity out of the national demand of 65,000 bpsd. There is also a 14,000 bpsd Residue Fluid Catalytic Cracker (RFCC) Unit, which converts atmospheric air to higher-value finished products

The TOR oil pipeline project required the laying of pipeline and associated infrastructure to transmit crude oil from ocean tankers that dock at Tema port to the refinery.  McDonnell completed all works for TOR to enable operations and production at the facility.

Road Projects

EPCM Contracts

Ghana is focused on becoming a Transportation Hub for the West African Sub-Region.  This requires the creations of a sustainable, accessible, affordable, reliable, effective and efficient transport system that meets user needs. 

McDonnell has been an active infrastructure development partner in the country handling the construction and rehabilitation of several road networks include haul roads from mineral extraction. We have our own quarries for the production of contruction materials including premium-grade aggregates and boulders to services a sector in high demand for such products.  This also offers strong control in the implementation cycle to execute and deliver projects to tight deadlines.

Volta River Authority

Specialized Haulage

The Volta River Authority (VRA) was established with the mandate to generate, transmit and distribute electricity under the Volta River Development Act, Act 46 of the Republic of Ghana. In 2005, following the promulgation of a major amendment to the VRA Act in the context of the Ghana Government Power Sector Reforms, the VRA's mandate has now been largely restricted to generation of electricity.

Although our experience in specialized transport for industrial projects dates back to the early 80's, we created a new specialized division in response to our clients' specific needs specially designed for overweight, oversized or hazardous cargo. McDonnell's specialized cargo service was utlilised in the transportation of turbine blades from Tema port to Akosombo Dam.